On Amazon.com now: THE LAUGHING TROUT, Jim Ure’s new novel about Fly Fishing in a Mad, Mad World of Love and Pandemonium

Subject:  My Mother Doesn’t Like This Fly Fishing Book


New Book For Fly Fishers: The Laughing Trout,

 A Novel of Fly Fishing in a Mad, Mad World of Love and Pandemonium,

by Jim Ure


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Gardner and Grace Publishing announces release of THE LAUGHING TROUT  by Jim Ure.  It is available from Amazon in both softbound ($14.99, 204 pages) and for Kindle readers ($2.99, 178 pages).

Subtitled “A Novel of Fly Fishing In a Mad, Mad World of Love and Pandemonium,” THE LAUGHING TROUT will find an appreciative audience among fly fishers.

It’s a laugh-out-loud kind of book about a fishing guide who plays a practical joke on a zealous wildlife officer (who happens to be his dislikeable cousin).  The blowback is more than he bargained for, especially when a beautiful television reporter falls for our guide and announces to the world a large reward awaits the first person to catch the elusive “Lago Poopo Trout.”

A cast of bizarre and colorful characters descends on the guide’s beloved river.  Mayhem ensues as each tries to outdo the other in pursuit of this odd species.

The endorsements in the book’s first pages are mostly complementary—from writing luminary Carolyn Howard-Johnson; Bob Springmeyer, editor of the North Country Fishing Report; Dave Hall, artist and fly fisher, and Franz Grimly, Scottish river guide and Scottish River National Fly Fishing Champion.

And then Ure’s mother has her say.  You can see the endorsements and sample pages at Amazon.com.


Ure dedicates the book to his childhood friend and fellow-fly fisher, the late Sheridan M. Anderson, author of the CURTIS CREEK MANIFESTO.

Jim Ure, who also writes under the name James W. Ure,  is the author of four other books: BAIT FOR TROUT, Being the Confessions of An Unorthodox Angler (Regnery); HAWKS AND ROSES (Peregrine Smith), and LEAVING THE FOLD: CANDID CONVERSATIONS WITH INACTIVE MORMONS (Signature), as well as THE LAUGHING TROUT.

Sample chapters of Ure’s next book, FLY FISHING FOR SALES, are found at the end of THE LAUGHING TROUT.

FLY FISHING FOR SALES will be available from Amazon about May 1, 2014.  This is a book is directed to men and women in sales and management who also fly fish.  “Learn the Axioms of Selling Sharp Steel Hooks to Fish and You Can Make Big Money In Sales.” Ure offers 33 analogies between fly fishing and selling.

Jim Ure lives in Salt Lake City and fishes about 75 days a year, both in the Mountain West and internationally.  He is available for interviews and speaking engagements.  See his website, www.jimurebooks.com.

Jim Ure’s literary representative in Sheree Bykofsky.


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  1. Ordering my copy now and will anticipate a “formal signing” when I next see you!


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