Fly Fishing for Sales to be released on May 15, 2014



            Salt Lake City, March 17, 2014—FLY FISHING FOR SALES, 33 Axioms for Making Big Money in Sales, will be released on May 15, 2014, by Gardner and Grace Publishers, Salt Lake City.

Preview copies in Microsoft word are available in advance to interested media.  Send inquries to  For a sample go to

The book was compiled and written by Jim Ure, author of the LAUGHING TROUT, with input from dozens of successful sales and marketing representatives.

Ure is a long-time fly fisher whose years in sales and marketing come to life in this lively telling of how to apply fly fishing techniques and philosophy to the art of making high-ticket sales.

Each of the 33 Axioms begins with the author’s lyrical summary of the analogy, followed by a quote illustrating the axiom, who has been a fly fisherman and sales and marketing executive for more than half a century.  His work included marketing and sales for Procter and Gamble, and clients such as Ski Utah, American Air Lines, the National YMCA, Continental Bank, Snowbird, Mount Olympus Waters and Hi-Land Dairy.

A case history demonstrating the comparison between fly fishing and a particular sales situation is presented by the author, often with humor and always with a clear message.

“I want to thank the many fly fishers, both men and women, who helped with this work.  It is the culmination of more than a dozen years of inquiry and thoughtful suggestion,” said Ure from his base in Salt Lake City.

“My feedback from sales reps and marketing people has been very positive.  I see this as a book that can be useful marketing managers and CEOs, as well as sales reps “on the ground.”

“If you fly fish, you’ll get plenty of ‘ah-hah moments,” said Ure.  “If you don’t fish, you’ll still get it.”

Chapter headings include:

  • Observe with Detachment
  • Risk It
  • Expect to Succeed
  • Set No Time
  • Let the River Talk to You
  • Select Your Trout
  • Competition Muddies the River
  • Always Cast to the Biggest Fish
  • Calmness Endures
  • Step into Changing Water
  • Slow is Real
  • Deliver Naturally, Execute Simply
  • Never Set the Hook Too Hard
  • Play with Patience and Caution
  • Never Eat Your Customer

The book will be available from in both printed and kindle versions. It will also be available from the author at $15 a copy plus shipping.  Bulk orders for sales staff will be discounted 10% if ordered directly from the author.

Orders can be taken at or by phone, 801-201-4405.

The author extends special thanks to Cory Ure, Joe Ure, Maryann Townsend, Aaron Carpenter, Christian Dives, Todd Floyd, Dries de Bruyn, Bert Vosters, Alan Burrows, Ed Sauriol, Steve Schmidt and Alastair Gowans.



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