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Fly Fishing for Sales

Now Available: FLY FISHING FOR SALES: 33 Axioms. If You Can Sell Sharp Steel Hooks to Fish You Can Make Big Money in Sales.

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Fly fishing, like sales, is also a numbers game, he says. There are many ways to improve your skills and your odds.

Ure’s lively and sometimes hilarious book proceeds to prove this point as he offers 33 axioms for sales and selling, each one analogous to an aspect of fly fishing.

As the author makes clear, CEOs, sales managers and executives at all levels of business will see how to increase their sales by applying these examples. Development executives at non-profit institutions will also benefit from the insights in this book.

James W. (Jim) Ure has been in marketing and sales for 50 years, and he’s been a fly fisherman for just as long, fishing some of the famous rivers of the world, including the Tweed, Rio Manso, the Henry’s Fork, the Orari, the Bitterroot, the Green, the Provo and of course, the River Ure in the U. K. where his fishing ancestors came from.

Ure’s clients and customers have included American Air Lines, Ski Utah, Continental Bank, Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, Mount Olympus Waters and Connor Sport Court International and the Sundance Film Festival.

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The Laughing Trout: A Novel of Fly Fishing in a Mad, Mad World of Love and Utter Pandemonium

Now available on Kindle and in Paperback!

The Laughing Trout by James W. UreWhen fishing guide Jud Buckalew decides to play a practical joke on a zealous wildlife officer (who just happens to be his dislikable cousin), the blowback is far more than he bargained for, especially when a beautiful television reporter falls for Jud and announces to the world that a large reward is being offered for the fisherman who catches the illusive “Lago Popo Trout.”

A cast of bizarre and colorful characters descend on Buckalew’s beloved river. Utter mayhem ensues as each tries to outdo the other in pursuit of this odd new species.

Meanwhile, will Jud come clean and destroy what may be his last chance at love? Or will he watch with anguish as the joke brings thousands to thrash his river, ruining its beauty and threatening his livelihood.


Leaving the Fold: Candid Conversations with Inactive Mormons

(by James W. Ure, Signature Books, 2000)

Leaving the Fold: Candid Conversations with Inactive MormonsThis has been my most successful book in terms of public acceptance.  It contains 18 of the original 42 interviews I conducted with prominent Utahns (a former governor, newspaper columnist, television political commentator, an MD, a novelist and a pianist, among others).   Its premise was simple:  why did you leave Mormonism?  Having left active Mormonism as a teen, I wanted to know how others dealt with “leaving the fold.”   In Utah’s unique cultural landscape where 25 per cent of Mormons consider themselves inactive, this is an important question.  The answers were fascinating and sometimes surprising.   You can read this book free by going to Signature Books website or by clicking on


 Hawks and Roses

(by Jim Ure, Peregrine Smith Books, 1991)

Hawks and Roses by Jim UreIt was time to write my own version of our bird of prey rehabilitation project.  We’d been doing this at our home for nearly 15 years and 3,300 eagles, hawks and owls passed through our hands. We released about 53 per cent of them back to the wild.  The publication of this book and subsequent books on birds of prey have proved to me that with one exception (Red-tails in Love), there isn’t much market for books about raptors.  My prized personal copy is signed by Peter Matthiessen who directed the 1991 Environmental Writing Institute for the University of Montana at the Teller Wildlife Refuge in Corvallis, Montana.  I was invited to take part after submitting samples from a book-length non-fiction work called Looking for Regalis.  I learned so much here and was terribly humbled by the other attendees’ criticism of the work.


 Hawk Lady

(by Stellanie Ure, Doubleday, 1979)

Hawk LadyThis book was written by my late wife with my help.  I tried unsuccessfully to write it as a story of my wife’s work when Angus Cameron at Knopf showed an interest in our raptor rehabilitation project.  We finally went to a first person approach and it was sold to Doubleday by Paul Reynolds Agency, now the John Hawkins Agency.  There it was shepherded by Gail Hochman.





 Bait for Trout: Being the Confessions of an Unorthodox Angler

(By Jim Ure, Henry Regnery, 1973)

Bait for Trout by Jim UreThis was my first book and it was not very good. It was published hardbound in 1973 by a house that was trying to expand its list. The cover price was $5.95.  Recently my grandchildren bought a used copy at Powell’s in Portland. It cost $5.95. Inflation hasn’t touched some things.

The greatness of that otherwise humdrum work were the illustrations by Roger Merrill, who was then doing work for Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.





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