Sula and the Sea

Written with help from Forrest Rhinehart and dedicated to her

Fifteen-year-old Sula Kinross escapes on the family sailboat and goes in search of her real father.

She is driven to run away by Wexler Pendley, her stepfather, who wants control of her late mother’s estate.

Wex “the kiddie fiddler” has been molesting Sula. Now he has murder on his mind.

Wex chases her through downtown San Francisco, almost catching her as Sula sets sail in the face of a brewing Pacific storm, un-provisioned and unprepared. She knows only that her father might be living in Washington State’s Desolation Harbor.

Once at sea she discovers a stow-away, a ragged street person named Doc McDonald. Doc has a silver dollar for an eye and a high profile with the cops.

Sula’s attitude and Doc’s addictions are quick to clash.

As Sula steers the boat into the open sea, the storm intensifies. Three days of vicious seas almost sink the boat, uniting the unlikely duo as they clash with the elements.

When the storm subsides they are lost at sea and they begin a struggle to survive. Working together they improvise to gather food and water.

They finally make land in northern California and re-provision.  Wex traces her credit card purchases and starts hunting them.

At all costs, Wexler Pendley must see to it that Sula and Doc never make it to her father.

But Sula and Doc have become a team and they are determined to fight Wex to the death, if necessary, and to find Sula’s father at Desolation Harbor.